3 days Husky tour

Enjoy the challenge of mushing a team of huskies through the majestic mountains of mid-Norway. On this short-break you’ll rapidly gain confidence as  you discover the thrill of the connection between you and your team of huskies. As your bond with the dogs builds the huskies respond and you’ll soon begin to feel at one with the stunning winter landscape.



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    Tour Length

    3 days, 2 nights

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How to get dressed for a winter tour

Underwear, of wool is good
Long underwear of wool
Thin sweater of fleece or wool
Thick sweater of fleece or wool
Windproof trauser
Two pair of wool socks
Windproof gloves (not finger gloves)
Thin finger gloves of wool or fleece
Windproof jacket with hood
Windproof cap
Warm winter boots for exampel Sorel
Overall or thick jacket and trouser

What you need to bring:


How to stay warm:

      • Thick wool/fleece trouser
      • Thick wool/fleece sweater
      • Face mask

Change of clothes:

      • Long underwear
      • Pullover
      • Wool socks
      • Gloves


      • Cap (to use in the night)
      • Sunglasses with UV-filter
      • Sun cream Factor 15 (period March-April)
      • Towel and toiletries
      • Thermos
      • Camera & battery
      • Snacks; chocolate, biscuits, drinks etc. for the evenings
      • Head lamp & battery
      • Sheet bag
      • Sleeping bag for minus 20 C (enquire me if you don’t have!)


We will provide:

      • winter overall
      • winter boots
      • all necessary tour equipment