Private arrangments – companies – schoolgroups

Do you want to make memories together with colleagues or friends?

Do you want to give your employees a special happening, do you have something to celebrate, or maybe your  school class want a challenge?

We have been part of many different happenings from companies having halfday arrangement and overnight trips. Birthday celebrateings for 5 year old children  and different ages up to up to  80 years old. Schoolgroups, hen party, celebrated honymoon and others… Send us a request and we can see what we can do…


Dogs has always been mans best friend, they like to be cuddled and just have some quitet time with you. The huskies can also take you out on challenging, breathtaking adventures where you also can enjoy the beauty and silence in the nature. Welcome to join us!



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Everyone will be activly involved in every part of the sled dog tour from preparing the dogteams, join the tour and in the end take the harness off and help the dogs back to their houses.  2 persons share a sled with 4-6 dogs, and change to be a passenger or driver of the sled. When large Groups, some do dogsledding, and the others do other acitvities or have a coffebreak, and then change. We may also prepare food service on request. At overnight trips, its teamwork -everyone join all the camp work and is an active part of the group.

The fun is to be an active part of it all …