How to get dressed for a winter tour

– Long underwear, of wool.
– Thin sweater of fleece or wool
– Thick sweater of fleece or wool
– Windproof trauser
– Two pair of wool socks
– Windproof gloves (not finger gloves)
– Thin finger gloves of wool or fleece
– Scarf
– Windproof jacket with hood
– Windproof cap
– Warm winter boots for exampel Sorel
– Overall or thick jacket and trouser

You need to bring

      • Thick wool/fleece trouser
      • Thick fleece/wool sweater
      • Face mask/ Balaclava
      • Gloves

Clothes for change:   

      • Long under wear
      • Pullover
      • Wool socks
      • Gloves


      • Cap (to use in the night)
      • Sun glases with UV filter
      • Sun cream Factor 15/20 (March-April)
      • Towel and toiletries
      • Thermos
      • Camera, battery
      • Snacks, chocolate, buiscuit, drink etc. for  the evening.
      • Head lamp, battery
      • Sheet bag
      • Sleeping bag for minus 20 C (if you have)

We will provide

      • Dog team of 4 – 6 dogs (shared team)
      • Guide (female guide on female tours)
      • Winter boots
      • Overalls
      • All overnights
      • Dinner on the arrival day
      • Breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the trip
      • Breakfast on the departure day.
      • Transportation from/to kennel/mountain lodge or other overnight destination).