Half day tour with a dogteam

If you have a dream of trying dogsledding, the half day tour will be a teaser of how it is!

We want to give you a real dogsledding experience, so we invite you to take part in preparation and care of the dogs. You will be activly involved  from start to end of the tour. The guide gives you instructions of how to handle the dogs and the sled, and then you can join to prepare your own dog team. Two persons share one dog team, so you will both mush the dogteam of 4-6 dogs, and be a passenger in the sled. We do a tour at approximatly one hour in mountains – forest landscape. After the tour we harness off the dogs and help them back to their kennels. Then its time for coffee and cake by the fire.

Activity starts at 10 am – 13 and 2pm – 5pm.

Duration: 3 hours!




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    3 hour

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Two persons share one sled, so you  switch who drive and sit in the sled. Handicapped or  persons who are not so fit might sit in the sled during the hole trip if needed. Tell us before arrival if you prefere to sit in the sled the hole trip.

Dogsledding is a fun but also physical demanding activity  that require balance, strength and perseverance. If your fitness level is average, and you have a positive attitude and are prepared for cold and various weather condition, you have what it takes.

Wear warm clothes. We have overall and warm boots to rent you, but children have to be dressed up, while we don’t have small sizes.