Hiking tour

A hiking tour in the beautiful surrundings in Meråker is a great experience!

The mountains, forest and moorland host alot of different  spieces of flowers, berries, mushrooms, birds and animals.  Here lives bear, wolverine, elk, reindeer, ptarmigan, capercaillie among others. In the lakes and rivers we have trouth, and salmon.

By walking  we experience the silence of the nature. We will have a longer break were we can enjoy the view, while having coffee/tea and snack, before we return back to the kennel.


You meet at the kennel 09 30.

Duration 3 hours, including visit of the dogyard.

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    Tour Length

    3 hours

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Before the tour you will be able to meet the huskies, adults and puppies, and we pick the dogs who can join us for the tour.

The walk start from the kennel, or we drive to the start point not far from the kennel. We walk in forest, mountain landscape and cross moorland, and small brooks.

We adapt the lenght and tempo to the participants, and have lots of small breaks, and one longer break were we enjoy some  coffee/tea and cake or sandwich.


What to wear:

Hiking boots, or rain boots.

Wind/rain clothes- the weather might change fast.