Hiking tour with husky – overnight in tent

Have you seen the beauty of the norwegian summer night?

Join our hiking tour with some of our huskies and enjoy the atmospher of the nature in the summer night. It might be rainful and  the nature is clearly green and smell refreshing, or sunny and warm so you want to chill in the small lakes or rivers.
We might explore the moore, the mountains, threes, flowers or the song of the birds. Maybe we find berries or mushrooms, and somethimes we see the elk and the reindeer.

We enjoy the light, smell, noises and peacefulness, –  and our sandwich. The tour last about 2-3 hours before we are back at the kennel.  The overnight is  in  tent at the kennel area.

Trips on request from August throughout the snowfree season.


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    Tour Length

    7 pm- 10 am

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    2- 40

  • Difficulty

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The tour starts at arrival 7 pm Day 1 –  departure 9 am Day 2.

The hiking tour last about 2-3 hours and starts after arrival.  We walk in various landscape of moorland, forest and mountains, and we will have a great view over the landscape around, while we eat our sandwich. Everyone have to bring their small backpack and carry their own sandwich and drink. If you like you can walk with a dog, but to inform you, the dogs are pulling!

After the tour you are able to meet all the huskies in the dogyard.

You overnight in tent at the kennel area, and you get breakfast the next morning before departure.


You might arrive by car, otherwise it’s possible to arrive to Kopperå trainstation 18 06. Departure Kopperå Train station 09 50 next morning.
Its about 3 km from train station to the kennel.
Meråker taxi: 0047 74810136

Send us a request for available tours: post@huskyadventure.no