Daytrip dogsledding

Want to join the fun of dogsledding?

We offer you this daytrip dogsledding tour were you are activly involved  from start to end of the tour.

The guide gives you instructions how to handle the dogs and the sled.  Then you  join to harness the dogs and prepare your own dog team, and you also join to take the harness off, give water and place the dogs at their kennels after the tour. The guide will of course be there to help you!

Two persons share one dog team of 4-6 huskies. You mush or sit in the sled, and switch during the tour. We have a cosy lunch break during the trip.


Attendance at the kennel: 10 am.
Duration: About 5 hours.



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    Tour Length

    About 5 hours

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Two persons share one sled, so you  switch who drive and sit in the sled. Handicapped or  persons who are not so fit might sit in the sled during the hole trip if needed. Tell us when you order a trip  if you prefere to sit in the sled the hole trip.

Dogsledding is a fun but also physical demanding activity  that require balance, strength and perseverance. If your fitness level is average, and you have a positive attitude and are prepared for cold and various weather condition, you have what it takes.

Wear warm clothes. We have overall and warm boots to rent you, but children have to be dressed up, while we don’t have small sizes.

Depending on the snow condition we mush 20 – 35 km, and have lunch enroute.