Frequently asked questions:


Can I go dogsledding, when I never have tried it before? 

Before we start out, we have a short and brief  information about safty and how do prepare the dogteam and go sledding. You will join to prepare your own dogteam, and together with the rest of the group, you go safe behind a guide.

How should we behave towards the dogs?

The dogs are all different individuals and like us humans, they have all their own personality we have to respect. We always behave in a calm way when we are around the dogs. We don’t need to shout out to the dogs while we are mushing, because the dogs know their job, and always do their best. In the dogyard some of the dogs are modest and want to be alone in their kennel, others are extremly social and wants alot attention.

Are dogsledding physical demanding?

Dogsledding is a fun and also physical demanding activity that require balance, strength and perseverance. You have to help the dogs by turn over in the curves, break, kick and push the sled. If your fitness is average and you have a positive attitude, are prepared for the cold and various weather condition, then you have what it takes to do dogsledding. If you don’t have the right physical condition you might join and sit in the sled.

What’s the distance of the tours?

It depends which tour you join and depends on the snow and weather condition. At a half day trip, we normally cover about 10-15 km, or about 1 hour dogsledding.  A daytrip might be 20 – 35 km, or about 3-5 hours.

Weather and temperature:

The temperature in Meråker might vary from 0 – minus 30 C degrees, but are in winter usually between – 5- – 10 C. At summer the temperature might vary from 0 – + 30 C, normally 10- +15C. Not often- but it happends,  that we might get some snow in June. We might have a lot rain. When the summer is good, Meråker is one of the warmest places in Norway.

How to get dressed for a sleddog tour:

It depends on the weather, temperature, and for how long time you stay out sledding. We recommand this: Long underwear of wool. Then a thin layer of wool or fleece. At very cold days an extra layer of wool/fleece. Then windproof jacket and trouser, Thermo is preferable. Woolsocks and winterboots fex Sorel. Windproof hat, scarf, windproof gloves with woolen gloves inside.