3 dagers hundetur

Opplev spenningen og spenningen med å kjøre et hundespann gjennom det majestestiske fjell landskapet i Midt-Norge.

På denne turen vil du etterhvert bli trygg på hvordan du kjører hundespannet, og bli fasinert over halsen og du ser med hundene, og du vil etter føle deg ett med lanskapet.




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    3 days, 2 nights

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Hvem kan delta på turen:

Hundekjøring er en morsom , men også fysisk utfordrende aktivitet, som krever styrke og utholdenhet.
Dogsledding is a fun but also physical demanding activity, that require balance, strength and perseverance. If your fitness level is average+, and you have a positive attitude and are prepared for cold and various weather condition, you have what it takes. The length of the trips are 18 – 25 km, depending of which route we choose. The temperature can vary from 0C – minus 30C. Usually we face temperatures from -5C to -10C.
Before you embark on an amazing journey across a snow-covered mountain plateau, the tour leader will give you the necessary instructions for controlling your own team of dogs! Everyone will learn to mush and be responsible for their own dog team of 4 to 6 dogs during the tour.

After our first day of dogsledding we will arrive at our cabin in the mountains that will be our comfortable place for the night. The place is without water and electricity so we are back to the basic and simple life.
With only the snow-covered mountain landscape surrounding us, and maybe some reindeer, you will feel the exceptional atmosphere it is to be out in the white scenery. After we care for the dogs you can spend the evening in the cabin or head outside and look for exciting northern lights.